Quality, Safety and environment policy
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Hygiene, Safety and Environment

Agrauxine at the heart of a responsible approach


As a company engaged in sustainable agriculture and concerned by the security and health of Men, our quality, safety and environment policy is a crucial point in our activity.

Agrauxine is committed


– to comply with the legal requirements of the biocontrol and biostimulation products industry


– to constantly improve quality management and to guarantee the best hygiene practices


All our products are manufactured in compliance with the microbiological, biochemical, and physicochemical standards, and are regularly controlled by our Quality Control department and by external certified laboratories.

Beyond our quality engagement, we put all necessary means to


Develop a preventive approach in terms of risk assessment


Act as a socially responsible company


Hygiene, Safety, and Environment


Our safety approach is based on the fundamentals of occupational health and safety of Lesaffre:


– Manage and reduce occupational accidents or injuries

– Promote overall staff engagement in at-work safety prevention policy by developing a participative and proactive approach of all employees in the deployment of the occupational risk management system

– Empower all employees by setting “safety objectives” at all levels of management.

– Annually promote and raise awareness among all employees on the occupational health and safety policy.

– Continually develop our environmental actions by encouraging the use of clean transportations and by optimizing our waste management.

– Manage our energy consumption by implementing environment-friendly actions.