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New organization at Agrauxine

Headed by Hugo Bony since January 2016, the Lesaffre business unit dedicated to plant protection enters into a new dynamic since 2016 and will accelerate it’s commercial development with the arrival of new products on the market during the autumn.
Today Agrauxine reflects the biocontrol and biostimulation research activities that Lesaffre started over 10 years ago and reinforced through the acquisitions of 2 french start-ups in 2014 (Agrauxine and Agro Levures et Dérivés) and one fermentation unit on solid substrates.

The commercialization of biocontrol and biostimulation products will accelerate with new partnerships and the launch of several products currently under market authorization which are the result of 10 years of R&D works.

To support the arrival of these products on the market, the sales team led by Pierre-Emmanuel Fleurquin has been reinforced in France and in Brazil and soon in other territories.

The marketing and development department, led by Ronan Kempf, has developed new demonstration and training tools to support Agrauxine distributors locally and bring tangible elements that integrate in the current technical itineraries of farmers. The launch of Agrauxine’s first Plant Care Center™, is an illustration of these new tools.

The R&D continues it’s works on product innovation and improvement of biocontrol and biostimulation products derived from microorganisms to bring new solutions to farmers. The objective being to identify the potential of Lesaffre products in a variety of agricultural applications that bring environmental benefits as well as technical performances to farmers.

Based in France and South America today, Agrauxine ambitions to expand it’s activities to European, North American and Chinese markets by 2018 as well as to reinforce it’s market positions in Argentina and Brazil.

Agrauxine in numbers:

  • 40 team members worldwide
  • 400 m² of laboratories in Angers, France
  • 1 fermentation site on solid substrates
  • 400 BPE trials per year

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