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Agrauxine experts – Francisco BIANCHI

– Be careful to display news about biostimulation in other parts of the world?

Biostimulants already have a wide penetration in all Latin American markets, with a higher rate of use in fruit and vegetable markets but with a growing participation in extensive crops.

The competition is strong because all the major international companies are present in south American countries and there are also smaller companies in each country that always focus on biostimulants first and then move to markets such as biocontrol.

– What made the success of Smartfoil in Argentina?

I see two main aspects the product characteristics and the commercial relationship;

– Smartfoil, like all Lesaffre products, has three main qualities: proven quality, ease of use and price in line with the market.

– Our customers are dedicated, enthusiast and professional to develop biosolutions

Not all years were good, but Agrauxine and our distribution partners always kept pushing. This helped us to triple the sales in less than three campaigns. Today we achieved together a deployed surface of more than 500 000 ha in Argentina.

-Do you have in mind a recent battle you are proud of your contribution with Agrauxine, with your team?

Absolutely! Two years ago, we started the commercialization of Smartfoil in two countries, Bolivia and Uruguay, after a long selection of distributors, in both cases and by different ways, both launches were very successful. In Uruguay, today Smartfoil is the leading biostimulant product in the market thanks to the joint work carried out together with our distributor.

In the case of Bolivia, we had a hard time finding a distributor to develop our products and we finally found a great partner to launch Smartfoil and FoilMax to reach already a good level of sales.



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