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Showcasing Agrauxine by Lesaffre’s innovative biosolutions in major agricultural business meetings around the world

These past few weeks, Agrauxine by Lesaffre’s teams have been very active attending many major business fairs both in North America, Latin America and Europe. An essential time for us to meet our customers and partners, better understand the issues they’re dealing with, present them our latest innovations and provide answers to the questions they might have about our biosolutions.

NORTH AMERICA: Commodity Classic, our first 2022 not-to-be-missed agricultural event in the United States

Ronan Kempf, Vince Wertman, David Nerpel, Jason McGarrh, Benedicte Bonnet, Meredith Van Sambeek, Chris Thrasher, Pete Hayes at Commodity Classic in New Orleans

As many might confirm, Commodity Classic is one of those not-to-be missed events for the agricultural industry. For us, it was therefore a strategic place to launch our products for commodity crops in the United States.
We’ve spent some good time at Commodity Classic talking “in person” (at last!) with customers, farmers and media, and sharing our vision of Biologicals.

A year after the acquisition, it’s also been an excellent opportunity for part of our European and North American teams to spend more time together, exchanges face to face about the products as well as customers’ needs and expectations in the US. This great time spent together as a one team will for sure foster an even better cooperation in the months to come.


LATIN AMERICA: Romeo Sc and Smartfoil under the spotlights in major agricultural shows in Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay and Argentina

In Latin America also, many major shows took place in this first 2022 trimester.

Starting with Show Rural Coopavel which was the first big show we attended since the launch of Romeo Sc in Brazil. Thanks to our partner Ihara, the event has been a success and Romeo Sc received a very good welcome from farmers looking for a solution to protect their soybean crops.

Pierre-Emmanuel Fleurquin, Francisco Bianchi and Bruno Mendonça (Agrauxine by Lesaffre) with Eduardo Schmoller and Viktor Everling (Ihara) at Show Rural Coopavel

In Bolivia, with our distribution partner Zentta Bio, we attended the Exposoya fair, which took place in the experimental field of the Association of Oilseed and Wheat Producers (ANAPO). A great opportunity to present our biostimulants Smartfoil and FoilMax to farmers looking for solutions to secure their yields.

Mirko Mateff from Zentta Bio and his team at Exposoya

In Uruguay, with our distribution partner CPY Agronegocios we attended Expoactiva, the biggest agroindustrial fair of Uruguay. Smartfoil being the leading biostimulant product in the market, it was also the opportunity to present CPY Agronegocios with an award for the excellent work they carried out in collaboration with Agrauxine LATAM.

Manuel Suarez (Agrauxine by Lesaffre) at Expoactiva with Julian Capandeguy, from CPY Agronegocios, and his team

Manuel Suarez (Agrauxine by Lesaffre) at Expoactiva with CPY Agronegocios and ALZ AGRO teams

Lastly, via our distributor partner ALZ AGRO, our biostimulant Smartfoil and its assets have been exhibited for the first time to the soya farmers in Expoagro, the most important open-air agroindustrial exhibition in Argentina.


FRANCE : A great showcase for our biosolutions with the much expected comeback of SIVAL in Angers

In France, March signed the comeback of the SIVAL, a key plant production trade show which happens to take place in Angers, not far from our headquarters of Beaucouzé.

This year, Agrauxine by Lesaffre had a booth within the Biocontrol Village set up by IBMA France, which gave us a huge visibility.

Our teams were on the deck during 3 days, both on the booth welcoming visitors, exchanging about their issues and answering the questions they had about our products, and in different conferences where they shared their expertise.

Valérie Nicaise, R&D Manager at Agrauxine by Lesaffre, intervening as biocontrol referent during a conference at SIVAL.  Click on the picture to watch the replay

Pauline Berger and Pierre Heysch intervening during the conference dedicated to biocontrol for the tomatoe and strawberry productions

Apart from this major agricultural event, Agrauxine by Lesaffre also attended with our local distributor Terres du Sud an event dedicated to plums and prune which took place in Villeneuve-sur-Lot. A great place to present our biocontrol solution Julietta to arborists.

Thomas Roger (Agrauxine by Lesaffre) at the event dedicated to plum and prune with our partner Terres du Sud



Thanks a lot to all our teams for their expertise but also for the passion and commitment they put into their work. It contributes greatly to making Agrauxine by Lesaffre a major industrial and technical player in the field of biosolutions.


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