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Built on Trust: focused partnerships and consistent product performance for a sustainable customer success

Discover how our commitment to delivering consistent results translates into long-term partnerships and sustainable success for Agrauxine by Lesaffre’s customers around the world.

Putting customer success first: a long life mantra for Agrauxine by Lesaffre’s teams

Lesaffre’s extensive experience in industrial production of microbials or derivatives combined with our solid crop protection experience and expertise enable us to offer a complete and reliable portfolio of high performing biological solutions from pre-seeding to post-harvest.

Meeting with Northern Europe clients at Lesaffre Lille

But our biggest asset is our people and the trust-based relationships we build with customers.

Our employees are indeed committed to customer success and go above and beyond what is expected. This long-term focus on our partnerships enables us to create win-win scenarios and inspires our most inventive solutions.

To drive sustainable success, we keep investing in research to innovate and develop the best biological solutions to address the challenges our partners and growers face on the field. And we use our expertise to provide trusted answers to the biggest agronomic questions.

Flashback on our first BioPerformance Week in Cedar Rapids

Last year in June, we were happy to kick off our first BioPerformance week gathering more than 40 customers from 3 continents in Cedar Rapids (Iowa, USA), where the main Lesaffre factory serving the US is located.


As mentioned in, the BioPerformance Week allowed leaders from three continents to share what they are seeing and hearing about biologicals in their own region.

During the 3-day event, we talked about the future of farming and shared learnings and experience across continents via some trials visits and a series of authentic discussions about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to biological solutions in agriculture.

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Learning from each other’s success to keep building a sustainable future together

At Agrauxine by Lesaffre, we indeed value collaboration to build sustainable success.

We take pride in seeing our partners and their customers succeed with our products.

We’re also convinced that learning from those with experience can help others realize the benefits of biological solutions faster.

That’s why we’ve decided to regularly share our customers’ success stories.

Lately we gave the floor to Eduardo Piper, commercial director at ALZ-Agro, our long-term distribution partner of Smartfoil in Argentina.

In Eduardo’s interview on, learn more about ALZ-Agro’s extensive experience in the Argentinian biostimulant market and discover how the use of Smartfoil have been helping their customers increase their yields on field crops.


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