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Biocontrol and plant nutrition for Field Crops

Agricultural practices need to evolve towards sustainability to face the challenges of population increase while preserving environmental resources. Ensuring high yields while reducing chemical inputs brings the necessity of finding alternatives in terms of crop nutrition and protection. This evolution of practices is possible thanks to the integration of microorganisms in today’s technical practices. These new strategies take into account societal and environmental expectations while maintaining a performing agriculture, less dependent of chemical inputs.

Reducing chemical inputs with biocontrol products

Higher yields demand a precise crop follow-up (decision making tools, field scouting health bulletins) in terms of fertilization and phytosanitary treatments. Biocontrol use  in combination or as substitutes to chemical products is emerging.

Yeast based products are currently being integrated in crop protection programs in critical stages like : flowering, ripening, pod settings. These alternative solutions are under development for the major uses, like wheat septoria or soybean Asian rust, allowing to manage the emergence of resistances.

Plant nutrition products : a tool to secure crop yields

By stimulating field crops at key stages of their development, products derived from microorganisms can increase the yield. The plants and the microorganisms act in synergy at the rhizosphere level to optimize the utilization of available resources in soil. Plant nutrition products rich in amino acids and fermentation metabolites secure the flowering under abiotic stress conditions and help the migration of reserves to the seeds.

Benefits of plant and soil nutritional products in rw crops :

– Soybean: hydric stress resistance and abortion reduction

– Corn: starter effect and improved fertilization

– Wheat: increased protein rates and yields, resistance to heat stress at flowering

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