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About us, Agrauxine, Lesaffre plant care
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About us

Agrauxine is the business unit of Lesaffre dedicated to plant care.

We develop and manufacture products from microorganisms for crop protection – biocontrol – and stimulation of plants – biostimulation


Performant by nature

Our ambition is to contribute to the establishment of a sustainable and performing agriculture and to the production of a more healthful nutrition.

global presence

Global presence

Agrauxine teams are hosted among Lesaffre affiliates throughout the world. We are offering our partners close technical and commercial assistance and better market knowledge

Hygiene, Security, Environment

As a company engaged in sustainable agriculture and concerned by the security and health of Men, our quality, safety and environment policy is a crucial point in our activity.


As a true accelerator of innovation and product development for the overall benefit of the industry, partnership is a central part of our R&D approach. We constantly collaborate with universities, research centers and technical institutes experts in their field.