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Agrauxine is the business unit of Lesaffre dedicated to biosolutions for vegetal productions. Agrauxine develops, manufactures and commercializes biosolutions based on microorganisms and derivates ( yeast, bacteria, fungi) for  :

  • biocontrol for crop protection
  • biostimulation for plant stimulation
  • bionutrition for crop nutrition.

Our ambition is to contribute to the establishment of a sustainable and performing agriculture and to the production of a more healthful nutrition.



A technical and industrial know-how transmitted by Lesaffre

Characterized and achieved products

A reliable partner for distributors

Our vision of agroecology

Agriculture has started thoroughly to transform itself and at a rapid pace. This has begun with consumers questioning the use of phytosanitary products, and pursued with the official banning of the most worrying molecules… Breaking with the model inherited from the Green Revolution, this transformation brings together tools as different as the rediscovery of ancient agricultural practices, the amassing of data to help in decision-making, varietal selection and, of course biosolutions. It is the latter tool that Agrauxine indefatigably employs together with its partners to assist this transformation while injecting its desire to contribute in transforming the agricultural model.


More than
15 years
working on

in Angers,

Over 60
employees located
on 3 continents

Wide range of
expertise coming
from 5 companies

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A Plant Care Center located in Argentina with a greenhouse of 200 m² and 10 000 m² of experimental field

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600 m² of R&D laboratories, and over 25% of expenditures dedicated to research and technical development.

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Relying on Lesaffre factories for liquid-fermentation-based products

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A unique production facility dedicated
to filamentous microorganisms produced by solid state fermentation

A global presence to answer our customer needs with proximity

Pierre-Emmanuel Fleurquin

Pierre-Emmanuel Fleurquin
Global commercial Manager, Agrauxine

The solutions we are developing are reliable and high quality, but it is insufficient just to say so: we demonstrate it this through the daily input of our sales and technical teams who assist and train our distribution partners.
We consider it necessary also, perhaps even primarily, to inspire the thirst for change by assuming a forward-looking mentality, while maintaining our focus on concrete action. This mentality informs our choice of distribution partners in France and abroad. We need to go even further and engage in closer and more open relations with our direct customers, the distributors, but also to involve all the various participants in the chain in our planning and practices. That means bringing together all participants to design the future and venture upon new forms of collaboration which will be more direct and transparent to achieve real change.


  • No additional use constraints for farmers
  • No residue and no MRL (Maximum residue level)
  • Generally easy to stock and store

A market approach Through local partnerships

  • In France, cooperatives and trading firms
  • Abroad, a selection of national distributors adapted for each of our products
  • In particular cases, commercialisation by « AgChem » companies

as innovation accelerators

As a true accelerator of innovation and product development for the overall benefit of the industry, partnerships are a central part of our R&D approach. We constantly collaborate with universities, research centers and technical institutes experts in their field.

Associations and Consortiums we are members of

Our partnerships with technical insitutes and universities

with us

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Brazil market developer, Agrauxine

It was during the job interview process when I began to identify myself with Agrauxine’s values, especially after having found respect and empathy amongst the employees I had met. Agrauxine supports sustainable agriculture and a healthier nutrition, which complies with what I personally stand for: respect for both nature and human beings. Working for Agrauxine gives me the feeling that my job is part of a great cause. At Agrauxine, we are curious: we like to discover new things and we are good at building new foundations. Passion in our work is of the utmost importance.


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