Expertise - Agrauxine
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Agrauxine controls every step of the development of their microorganisms for plant biocontrol and biostimulation ; from the research to select and develop new strains through to industrialization phases and large scale manufacturing up to the marketing of a comprehensive range of products

Research & Development

Based in Angers, France, with over 400m² of labs located in the heart of the “vegetal campus”, Agrauxine’s Research and Development department is a major asset for innovation and continuous improvement of our products.
Our goal:  identify  the potential of products developed with the Lesaffre expertise in agricultural applications

Integrated Approach

After the Research and Development steps, we  manage all the necessary phases that lead to the market availability of our biocontrol and biostimulation products in-house.


–  We rely on performant industrial capabilities

– Our product registration strategy is systematic

– We work in close collaboration with our product distributors


Our expertise in fermentation and our know-how in microorganism manufacturing give our customers access to our industrial tool for the toll manufacturing of their own products