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Biostimulation, micro-organismes, plantes et cultures
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Biocontrol products: what benefits for your crops ?


Biocontrol is a set of methods of plant protection by the use of natural mechanisms. Alone or associated with other methods of plant protection, these techniques are based on mechanisms and interactions that regulate the relations between species in the natural environment. Biocontrol is based on the management of the balances of the aggressors’ populations rather than their eradication.

Discover our biocontrol products

Solution against grapevine trunk diseases
Solution against soil born diseases in vegetables crops
Systemic Resistance Inducer against foliar fungal diseases

Agrauxine know-how is based on micro-organisms control


We develop and produce yeast, yeast derivatives, bacteria and fungi, used alone or in synergy, to protect crops against the major fungal diseases.
Biocontrol products allow to protect the crops by reducing the use of the chemical phytosanitary products of synthesis. Thus, they are additional or alternative solutions that are efficient, environment-friendly and contributing to the reduction of the risks for the human health and the environment.