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Ornamental crops


Biofungicide against soil diseases in vegetable crops – AMM N°2160686


Tri-Soil is a biocontrol product based on the Trichoderma atroviride I-1237  registered to fight against Pythium Sp. on carrot cultivation and Rhizoctonia solani on lettuce. The Trichoderma atroviride strain contained in Tri-Soil acts by spatial and nutritive competition, antibiosis and mycoparasitism. Tri-Soil also meets the requirements of the organic farming.

Product benefits 


Tri-Soil restores the microbial equilibrium of soils through antagonistic activity on pathogen populations
– Adapts to acid and alkaline pH in soils
– Ensures an efficient protection even in cold conditions

– Tri-Soil ensures an efficient protection even in cold conditions

Mode of action 


– Spatial and nutritive competition, antibiosis, mycoparasitism
– Ensures an efficient control on pathogens populations

Pythium ultimum

T. atroviride vs P. ultimum


T. atroviride vs Rhizoctonia

Product informations


Composition : Trichoderma atroviride strain I-1237 – 108 (spores) per g
Formulation : WP
Method of application : spraying
Packaging : bags of 1 kg and 2,5 kg
– Tri-Soil can be used in organic farming
Table of uses

1 Carrot : celeriac, salsify, parsnip, horseradish, sunchoke, parsley root, chervil, crosne
2 Lettuce : chicory – scarole, chicory – frisée, lamb’s lettuce, rocket and other salads

Tri-Soil joins within the framework of index cards-action CEPP*, click here to download the index card 2017-026 “” Fight against the telluric mushrooms by means of a product of biocontrol “


*CEPP : The plan of the CEPP bases on the implementation of measures contributing to the savings of phytopharmaceuticals products. These actions are in accordance with standardized actions arrested by Minister of Agriculture (source :

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