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Pome fruits

Stone fruits

Biostimulant product to limit the abortion of fruits and insure the yield on speciality crops


Biosmart® is a biostimulant used through foliar application that activates specific metabolic pathways. Used before flowering, the product reduces the effects of abiotic stresses (drought, temperature…) and secures the yield by reducing abortion during the reproduction stage. Biosmart® is rich in organic molecules fermented by the yeast to obtain metabolites which are easily assimilated by crops.

Product benefits


– Reduces fruits abortion and secure the yield
– Reduces the effect of plant abiotic stress
– Stimulates the internal metabolism of the plants
– Improve nutrient use efficiency

Mode of action


Biosmart reduces the perception of the stress at flowering and amplify metabolic response on several levels (genomic, cellular, physiological) during the critical stages of development to protect the yield.

User benefits


– 100% of users highlighted its simplicity of use
– Biosmart is compatible with the products of protection of plants and copper and sulphur
Product informations


– Composition : N-P-K (1-0-9), fermentation metabolites
– Formulation : liquid
– Method of application : foliar
– Packaging : can of 1, 5, 10 ou 20 L
+ 8 % weight of tomatoes
+ 11 % weight of fruits
+ 16 % weight of salads
– 11 % of abortion
Table of uses
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