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Biotimulant product to increase the yield on specialty crops.


Pushy is a biostimulation product with use at foliar and root level that stimulates the metabolism of the plant and boosts the physiological development of the organs of the plant (roots, leaves, flowers, fruits). The manufacturing process protects the quality of the molecules (vitamins, complex sugars, amino acids) and its innovative formulation facilitates the foliar and roots’ assimilation of the compound assets. Multipurpose, Pushy can be used as well on field as in greenhouses.

Product benefits


– Promotes the foliar biomass production
– Stimulates roots development
– Increases the number of flowers and fruit set
– Improves the size,color and sugar content of fruits
– Increases the commercial yield

Mode of action


Pushy is an activator of several metabolic pathways that stimulates the physiological development of the plants.

User benefits


– Compatible with products of plants protection
– Easy to use in drip irrigation

Product informations


– Composition : N-P-K (3-0-4), yeast fractions and fermentation derivates
– Packaging : can of  5, 10 ou 20 L
– Pushy can be used in organic farming
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