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Esquive WP


Biofungicide against wood trunk diseases in grapevine : ESCA, BDA, Eutypiosis – AMM N° 2080004


Esquive WP is a biofungicide from a Trichoderma atroviride strain. It protects against vine and wood diseases : eutypiosis, ESCA and Black Dead Arm (BDA).
Sole product on the market registered and authorized for these applications ESQUIVE® WP also meets the requirements of the organic farming.

Product benefits


– Protects pruning wounds from pathogen fungi responsible for wood and vine diseases
– Limits the development of wood and vine diseases and reduces vine dieback
– Reduces coplanting and maintains a high potential yield of the vineyard
– Installation and penetration of the beneficial microorganism in the wood 1 hour after the application (at 10°C)
Speed of growth faster than pathogenic responsible for the vine and wood diseases
– Possible application in cold and wintry period : from 5°C
– Significant decrease of the pathogen in the wood
– 6 months at room temperature (20°C) and18 months if cold storage (5°C)

Mode of action


Esquive WP acts by antagonism, mycoparasitism, competition and antibiosis.
Product informations 


Composition : Trichoderma atroviride strain I-1237 – 108 UFC (spores) per g.
Formulation :  (WP)
Standard dosage : 4 kg/ha
Method of application : foliar application or brush application on pruning wounds
Packaging: bags of 1 kg
Esquive can be used in organic farming
Table of uses
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