Our approach - Agrauxine
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Our approach

An integrated approach – from strain selection to commercialization of approved products


 Agrauxine controls every step of the development of its microorganisms (yeasts, fungi, bacteria…) for plant biocontrol and biostimulation ; from the research to select and develop new strains through to industrialization (scale up) phases and large-scale manufacturing up to the marketing of a comprehensive range of products.

A performing industrial facilities


Agrauxine relies on its own production site as well as on the industrial plant network of Lesaffre throughout the world.
All our products are made in state-of-the-art industrial sites and go through quality controls at each step of the manufacturing process.


Expertise in regulatory affairs and product registration


Our biocontrol product lines are plant protection products subject to market access authorization and our biostimulation products comply with national applicable regulations.
Our experts actively monitor regulatory standards and build regulatory or registration dossiers in partnership with specialized advisors.


Marketing a comprehensive product line


As part of our global development strategy, our biocontrol and biostimulation products are marketed through a network of distribution partners.
Aiming to answer with close proximity to our customers and to be attentive to the farmers’ and the markets’ needs, Agrauxine’s sales and marketing team is dedicated to our distribution network, providing them with continuous technical, marketing and sales support.

You are a well-establsihed distribution company at regional, national or international level ? You are interested by Agrauxine’s product-line ?