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Plant Care Center™, our life-size laboratory

Built in 2015 and located in Argentina the Plant Care Center™ is our latest development tool.

Designed as a life-size laboratory, the Plant Care Center™ allows Agrauxine to run application trials to evaluate the efficiency and performances of new biocontrol products or biostimulation formulations in real usage conditions.

It also brings opportunities to improve our products positioning and better apprehend local agricultural practices.

In addition to it’s application trial role, the Plant Care Center™ is also used by our commercial and technical teams to offer technical support to our partners and distributors.Our marketing teams schedule on-site trainings or product demonstrations for our partners to better understand product benefits on crops and thus transfer their knowledge locally to the users of Agrauxine products.

The Plant Care Center™ in Numbers:

  • 180 m² green-house
  • 10 000 m² – experimental plots
  • 1 treatment lab



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