The biostimulants allows greater expression of plant’s genetic potential - Agrauxine
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The biostimulants allows greater expression of plant’s genetic potential

Biostimulants significantly increase the expression of plant’s genetic potential by providing ready-made building blocks (like amino-acids, short peptides…) or by stimulating their metabolism, thus sparing plants from greater energy expenditure.
In practice, this implies conservation of key metabolism functions by promoting photosynthetic activity, delaying senescence and boosting flowering. All these mechanisms will help to secure the yield even under adverse environmental conditions or physiological stress, as occurs at flowering.
The use of high-performance biostimulants such as Smartfoil® and Quantis™* containing osmoprotectants (substances that aid in water balance under conditions of water scarcity, favoring plants growth) and antioxidant substances which delay senescence will help to achieve productive potential.
Farmers who care about their return on investment, should definitely use the biostimulants.
It is worth to remind that quality biostimulants, produced by fermentation, require a complex manufacturing method and a strict compliance with specific industrial processes and stages. In this sense, Agrauxine is a worldwide reference, using the expertise of the Lesaffre, a leading company in fermentation based products, with a history over 160 years and present over the five continents.
*QUANTIS ™ is a registered trademark of Syngenta

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