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Agrauxine and Syngenta start a partnership to launch Nexy®

Syngenta launches Nexy®, the first biocontrol solution against post-harvest diseases of bananas.

Nexy contains the yeast Candida oleophila strain O (8,1%) and controls effectively against banana crown rot. Two thirds of post-harvest diseases affecting Guadeloupe and Martinique bananas’ exported to Europe are due to this pathogen. For banana sector, the economic impact of this diseases can be significant.

« We offer to growers a ‘natural’ technical biocontrol solution , which reached a performance level on green fruits as well as conventional fungicides if prophylactic measures usually recommended are respected; moreover, the consumer will find with Nexy® a free residue solution” explains Jean-Charles Desforges, in charge of National Development of Tropical Crops , Syngenta, France.

Coming from Agrauxine/Lesaffre Plant Care research, this registration results from six years of experimentation in Guadeloupe and in Martinique, included 4 trials realized by Guadeloupe CTCS (institute accredited Good Experimentation Practices). Nexy will be developed and commercialized by Syngenta from May 2017 in Martinique and in Guadeloupe.

The yeast Candida oleophila strain O has been discovered and isolated initially on apple. By colonizing the areas of the wounds, it enters in competition with pathogens for space and nutrients.

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