Agrauxine launches its biostimulant Biosmart in Argentina - Agrauxine
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Agrauxine launches its biostimulant Biosmart in Argentina

On Tuesday, May 8th, 2018, Agrauxine – Lesaffre Plant Care has done the launch of Biosmart Biostimulant in the bodega Septima close to the city of Mendoza.
Biosmart is a unique biostimulant composed of fermentation metabolites of yeast used on market gardening, vine and arboriculture.
About sixty people attended this event (distributors from different regions of Argentina, technical representatives and farmers of Mendoza region).
Agrauxine – Lesaffre Plant Care team introduced Biosmart mode of action following several years of research and development. Then they presented in detail the recommendations of use of the product on the main crops such as Vine, Tomato, Salad, Table Grape, Lemon, Orange or other fruits.
During the last campaigns, Agrauxine – Lesaffre Plant Care has also worked with several providers in the country on these different crops in order to prove the effectiveness of the biostimulant in field trials.
The event then ended around a buffet to taste the wines of the bodega Septima, following a visit of the bodega was proposed.

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