Pre-launch of Smartfoil close to Angers - Agrauxine
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Pre-launch of Smartfoil close to Angers

On Friday 8th of June 2018, for the pre-launch of Smartfoil on rapeseed in France, Agrauxine Lesaffre Plant Care teams visited a plot close to Angers where a trial have been done with a farmer of Datagri network.
Based on yeast fermentation metabolites, Smartfoil is a biostimulant solution that stimulates the plant against abiotic stress. It allows to reduce the negative impact liked with environmental conditions (hydric and heat stress) and secure the harvest on extensive crops such as rapeseed, soybean, corn, cereal.
After presenting Smartfoil and its mode of action, Agrauxine teams had the opportunity to do a sampling at field of rapeseed to assess Smartfoil efficacity comparing pods number and weight of the plot treated with Smartfoil and a control one without biostimulant application.
Smartfoil is a biostimulant solution coming from 5 years of research and collaboration between European (France, Netherlands) and South America (Argentina, Brazil) institutes.
To learn more about Smartfoil, click here.

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