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Les experts Agrauxine – Claudio LAMA

Interview of Claudio LAMA, Regional Sales Manager Mediterranean area at Agrauxine


What is the status of biosolutions in the Mediterranean zone?

Biosolutions are more and more important. Consumers are paying increasing attention to sustainability and healthy aspects of the whole food production. Including agricultural products.

What made the success of Romeo in Italy?

A combination of three factors:

  • Superior quality of the product: formulation, efficacy, and an innovative technology at affordable price for the farmers,
  • Perfect timing to reach the Market: Biocontrol is expanding rapidly, farmers needs more efficient tools,
  • Very good collaboration and synergies with our distributor Sumitomo Chemical Italia.

What is the major challenge you are facing in the development of biosolutions?

There is still a strong pressure for traditional chemical products. Biosolutions are the necessary change.

But there is always resistance to the change. It is human nature. We are all working together for this change with the main players, from Farmers to Supermarkets. A Farm to Fork approach.

Do you have in mind a recent battle you are proud of your contribution?

Yes, I think at another Biocontrol product we are selling in Spain and Italy: ESQUIVE WP, a Microorganism active against the Grape Trunk Disease on Grapevines. We started from scratch two years ago. Today ESQUIVE WP is probably the main product in this niche market segment, and we are still growing. This was achieved thanks to a huge work of communication at all levels, in collaboration with our distributors. From technical conferences down to a lot of small events with farmers directly in the fields. Very nice and enriching experience.




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