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Agrauxine Experts – Camille PROFIZI

Interview of Camille Profizi, Head of R&D at Agrauxine by Lesaffre


Could you tell us more about your role and your daily missions at Agrauxine?

My role at Agrauxine is to define and drive the global R&D strategy, orientations and research projects for the development of new products or services, in line with the company strategy.

My day to day missions are to oversee the R&D teams, manage the resource allocation to develop innovative solutions addressing our customers’ priority needs and ensure a proper coordination with all Agrauxine’s departments and Lesaffre R&D experts. To grow our internal expertise and help integrating biosolutions in agricultural practices, I also work at fostering our connection with scientific and technical expert communities.

How are you driving the innovation of Agrauxine’s R&D?

In order to innovate in R&D, we must master new scientific opportunities and provide mature solutions to our market segments. Mastering new scientific opportunities is being able to identify early trends and interests in research as well as cutting-edge technologies. To do so, I cultivate my connections with academic and private research organizations, network during scientific events and keep an active watch on scientific & technological topics.  In R&D it’s key to work closely with the Technical Development, Marketing and Commercial teams to clearly understand the customers’ needs and expectations. The interactions with all stakeholders help me to develop the right solutions for our customers.

You’ve been selected to join the scientific committee of the Plant BioProTech symposium whose 3rd edition will take place from June 28th to July 1st, 2022 in Reims (France). Could you tell us more about this symposium and your role within the committee?

I’m glad to be a member of the scientific committee of the symposium. I would like to thank IAR (the French Bioeconomy Cluster) for this opportunity.

The Plant BioProTech is an international symposium of scientific, technical and political players in the field of plant bioprotection or biocontrol. The objective of the symposium is to impact not only the scientific community, but also the industry, especially companies involved in the development, formulation and distribution of biosolutions. The scientific committee is made up of 12 members, 6 academic members and 6 industry members. Our role is to select and review the abstracts for oral presentations or poster in order to finalize the scientific program schedule.

Do you have in mind a contribution you are particularly proud of since you work at Agrauxine?

Yes, of course, the achievement of “La Ruche” (“the hive”) project, our new head office in Beaucouzé. This project started a few months before I joined Agrauxine in January 2017 under the leadership of Arnaud Leclère, Director of Operations. We’ve had two years of intense team discussion and exchange to create a place where the teams are together and where people are pleased to work. On top of this, the size of the laboratories has been doubled and we have reinforced our research platforms to match Agrauxine ambitions in terms of innovation.




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