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Portrait Cedric Hocde Agrauxine

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Agrauxine Experts – Cedric HOCDE

Interview of Cedric HOCDE, Finance and Administration Director at Agrauxine by Lesaffre, who joined the company in May 2017.

What’s your day to day job in Agrauxine?

My daily duties are very different from one day to another. I oversee the financial activities and administrative side, both in France, in the US and in all the other entities over the world hosting Agrauxine activities. With the Finance team that I manage, we take care of the reporting, the planning of the investments and the budget building to ensure a detailed follow-up.

What is your biggest challenge in the company?

The biggest challenge in the company is to be able to keep the same level of internal service, to bring an accurate business partnership on the financial side while following-up with the growth of the business. We are opening new territories, launching new products, hiring new people all over the world. All this reflects the great dynamic in which we are now and is very stimulating. On my side, it also means more transactions, more coordination to be done between the different entities to remain efficient.

Do you have in mind a contribution you are particularly proud of since you work at Agrauxine?

I’m not proud of a very specific thing but making life easier for all my partners and being part of this team makes me proud.



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