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Agrauxine Experts – Agnès JØRGENSEN

Interview of Agnès JØRGENSEN, Regulatory Affairs Manager at Agrauxine by Lesaffre, who joined the company in May 2020.

Could you tell us more about your role and your daily missions at Agrauxine?

My role is to define and implement the global regulatory strategy to prepare for the commercialization of our products. I also ensure that our products are kept in compliance with local legislations while anticipating any regulatory and societal evolution.

My day-to-day missions are to oversee the Regulatory team, manage the department resources to address company priorities, ensure a good coordination with the other departments and Lesaffre Regulatory Team as well as provide regulatory guidance and clear communications to the management team.

How is your team involved on the frontline of Agrauxine business activities?

We open doors to new territories!
With the input from the other departments, we compile product dossiers and support them in front of the local authorities. We study and monitor legislations to provide regulatory guidance and training to our sales team and customers. Popularization of regulations is key to measure their impact on Agrauxine activities. We also participate actively in trade association work to anticipate any regulatory evolution, so we are ready for the future

Do you have in mind a contribution you are particularly proud of since you work at Agrauxine?

In the last couple of years, Agrauxine has grown and expanded significantly outside Europe. A lot of energy has been deployed to prepare and structure for the growth. I am excited to have contributed to this development and proud to have led the expansion of our regional regulatory team. This is key to explore and understand the regulatory needs and framework specific to each country and thereby facilitating and accelerating market access.


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