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Categories : Biocontrol, Biostimulation

Success Story: Interview with François Leclerc, Certis Belchim Spain

François Leclerc, Product Manager Biostimulants at Certis Belchim Spain, discusses his experience working with Agrauxine by Lesaffre and the benefits of this partnership for Spanish producers.

Could you tell us more about your company?

Certis Belchim is a multinational company focused on the development of technological plant protection products from Japan and biorationals from natural origin. We have a strong presence in Europe and North America and we are commercializing our solutions on the other continents with partners.

When did the collaboration between you and Agrauxine by Lesaffre start? What convinced you that it was the right partner for you and what helped you build your trust in Agrauxine over time?

Our collaboration with Agrauxine started in 2019 when we were looking for a Trichoderma solution for the Spanish market. After technical and commercial evaluations, we saw that the solution from Agrauxine was the most efficient and we started business together.

From there we have been expanding our business to the biostimulant range which is highly differentiated and counts with an exhaustive technical package that ensures high efficacy on the field.

Do you have in mind an example illustrating why working with Agrauxine by Lesaffre proved a win-win partnership to succeed in your market?

On the biostimulant market, we have been sharing costs for local trials and Agrauxine is continuously investing in official trials to expand the knowledge on the effects of their solutions on the field. Agrauxine also provides support with local technical teams and encourages the organization of joint events to spread the information about their technology and solutions.


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