Biocontrol and biostimulation in arboriculture

The limitation of phytosanitary residues in arboriculture is  a critical issue, reinforced by the requirements of the customers in the sector as well as consumer expectations. The executed biocontrol and biostimulation solutions need to take into account both economic and technical performance obligations of orchard production: yield, taste, and visual quality of fruits. Microorganisms used in biocontrol and biostimulation bring practical solutions to arborists for the protection of their cultures and ensure qualitative harvests.

Orchard diseases (Botrytis, Oidium, Scab, Chancre)

Pathogen organisms in orchards act during the entire vegetative cycle, from budburst to harvesting. Some productions are protected during the entire fruit cycle to guarantee standardized fruits for the consumer while respecting maximum residue limitations. Agrauxine is already active in the development of new biocontrol solutions derived or based on microorganisms (fungi, yeast) to be integrated into the regular treatment programs of arborists.

Post-harvest preservation diseases

Some arboriculture sectors (citrus, bananas, apples) are characterized by the numerous steps from harvest to the consumer (storage, transport, store shelves) that can alter the aspect of fruits. To maintain their quality, it is essential to preserve fruits efficiently and sustainable, while respecting consumers’ health. Yeast-based products are particularly adapted for post-harvest preservation of fruits.

Biostimulants, new technologies for fruit growers

Microorganisms used for biostimulation in arboriculture have positive effects on yields at harvest as well as on fruit quality.

Their direct interaction with the plant’s physiology allows stimulating their growth, their vitality, or their fructification. These properties bring tangible benefits on the metrics like the number of flowers, early growth, weight and size of fruits, color, and sugar content.

These products also limit abiotic stress effects on commercial harvests: fruit blast, size heterogeneity, flower abortions, and fruit set.


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