Biocontrol and biostimulation for vegetable cultivation

Consumers’ expectations on fresh vegetable quality and their increasing awareness of health risks linked to chemical residues has led industry players and public authorities to limit the use of synthetic phytosanitary products on vegetables.
The diversity of crops and of production conditions depending on the region multiply the technical constraints for producers. Biocontrol products and biostimulants derived from microorganisms are a new solution for vegetable producers that answer both technical and economic needs while limiting the use of conventional phytosanitary products.

Soil diseases like Pythium on carrots or brown Rhizoctone on salads

Short rotation crops like carrots or salads are increasingly exposed to soil pathogens due to the reduced usage of soil disinfection products and, more generally, because of soil fatigue. Used regularly and preventively, some biocontrol products contribute to restore the microbial equilibrium between beneficial microorganisms and telluric pathogens. Using these products helps to improve the sanitary state of crops while limiting the usage of synthetic products.

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Leaf diseases such as Oidium, Botrytis and Mildew

These diseases generally occur during the second part of the vegetative cycle and up to the harvest. A contamination such as Oidium can cause significant damages on the crops leading to taste alteration or even the destruction of the harvest.

Crops like strawberries, tomatoes or cucumbers need to be protected until the harvest to ensure optimum quality and productivity, all the while respecting the authorized maximum residue limits. Biocontrol products perfectly integrate foliar disease treatment programs in substitution of or in addition to conventional phytosanitary products.

Biostimulants: new proven solutions

The action of biostimulants derived from microorganisms offers a real advantage towards the increased technicality of vegetable cultivation. Their direct interaction with the plant and the soil allows to improve vegetable quality and yield at harvest by acting on the plant physiology. Biostimulant products boost several measurable parameters like the number of fruits, their weight and size, their shelf life after harvest, their sugar content, and even the sulfur content for some fruits and vegetables
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