Agrauxine will participate to the 10th IWGTD - Agrauxine
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Agrauxine will participate to the 10th IWGTD

Agrauxine will participate to the 10th International Workshop on Grapevine Trunk Diseases (IWGTD) at Reims Congress Center, from the 4th to 7th July 2017.
You will find our teams and scientific community  to exchange about the following topics:
-Identification and characterization of pathogens associated with Grapevine Trunk Diseases ;
-Disease epidemiology around the world ;
-Disease impact on grapevine physiology; What are the consequences of weather conditions (warm, dry or wet summer) on the leaf symptoms expression ? What do we know about the molecular dialogue between pathogens and grapevine? What are the molecules linked to the pathogens aggressiveness? ;
-An update will be done on strategies developed in nursery to control pathogens and cultural practices used to limit grapevine trunk diseases expression
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