Metaspora - Agrauxine
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L-Metaspora-ecretage : Our scientific expertise and our industrial know-how will facilitate the manufacturing of your fungal micro-organism


Our commitments for the scale-up or the industrialization of your project


There are three steps to evaluate the production feasibility of your fungal micro-organism and optimize the manufacturing process :






Our toll manufacturing site located in Loches (France), is well fitted for your Solid State Fermentation project. It is mostly about growing biomass under strict hygienic and cleanliness conditons to deliver quantities of quality product according to specifications.


To guarantee our efficiency to produce and supply our microorganisms range, we provide :
– Efficient tools : clean room, laminar flow class ISO 5, incubation rooms controlling…
– Our know-how : preparation and sterilization of the substrate, rigorous production of the inocula, steering of the drying, optimization of the extraction
– Different quality tests during the process : certifying that the product is matching the specifications established during the development phase
Our manufacturing process allows large variation in size of the batches.


Discover our manufacturing process in this motion design:

Our current business fields

Enzyme production, biocontrol and biostimulation, edible mushrooms, animal health, human food, cosmetics

Typical products manufactured

Aspergillus, Monascus, Trichoderma, Beauveria, Metarhizium, Penicillium, Duddingtonia,Clonostachys, Scytalidium, Rhizopus, Agaricus, Pleurotus, Shiitake

You have a fermentation project  ?

*all our toll manufacturing partnerships are performed under confidentiality agreement